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Consumers will “upgrade” to the PS3 says SCEE

Submitted by on Tuesday, 9 June 20095 Comments

andrewhouse_0001Andrew House, the SCEE boss believes that consumers will duplicate their behaviour from previous console cycles and invest into the PlayStation 3 as a means of ‘upgrading’ from a lower powered machine later on in the hardware timeline.

He compares it to the PlayStation 2 and Nintendo 64 where he says people bought into the older system before choosing to invest in their system when the price point was right to upgrade.

Although he doesn’t refer to it by name, House could well be comparing the PS3 to the Wii as well as the PS2, Xbox and Gamecube as it is considered to be a low-powered system when you compare it to the HD giants.

He also sees the PlayStation 3’s Blu-ray player as an important factor for persuading consumers to jump ship. Blu-ray is becoming a bigger and bigger part of the home entertainment experience these days with prices falling and the ever-growing library of content.

Another interesting point that he noted was his belief that the console lifecycle may well exceed the typical 10 years that have been taged to the PS3 when looking back at Sony’s previous two consoles:

There are a few things that drive this to a significantly longer than ten-year lifecycle for me. One is the traditional market dynamic that as prices come down you build down and out through the pyramid to a new type of consumer, and the motion controller we showed yesterday – and gave a firm release date on – changes the experience and allows us to bring in a new audience.

Well we will have to see if his prediction becomes reality but this suggests that it may be some time before a PlayStation 4 ever steps into the scene.

[Source: EDGE]