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“Pushing the limits of taste.” – Dante’s Inferno Developer Diary

Submitted by on Friday, 12 June 20097 Comments

Dante's InfernoWe got a chance to see EA’s Dante’s Inferno up close at this year’s E3 and are happy to confirm that Visceral Games, the team behind the pant-wetting and well-received Dead Space, have only gone and done it again and have created something truly chilling.

By now everyone should be familiar with the concept behind Dante’s Inferno. Based on Dante Aligehri’s 13th century canticle of perdition, love and loss, the game takes a few things from The Divine Comedy and “re-imagines” them for the purpose of creating an exciting videogame.

One such change is to Dante himself; no longer a poetry-spewing milquetoast but now an ass-kicking instrument of death. Some elements of the story they have been wise to remain in tact of course, with the nine layers of Hell and the core theme of Dante who, seeking the soul of his lost love Beatrice, goes to the very depths of Hell itself to save her adapted very closely from the source material.

The developer walk-through is a great introduction to the game so if you’ve dodged previous footage or trailers for the title in the past then we heartily recommend checking this piece out. It’s exciting to see the creators, visibly energised when talking about their game, discuss the title’s premise while introducing some characters and creatures through the use of concept art and visuals. They also touch upon how Dante has managed to kill Death itself and has claimed the legendary Reaper’s scythe as his own as he prepares to go up against the ultimate boss of all time – Lucifer himself.