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E3 09; Bayonetta Hands-on Impressions

Submitted by on Tuesday, 9 June 20093 Comments

bayonettaOne of the more impressive games on the show floor was the stylized action cinematic adventure Bayonetta. From the creative mind of Hideki Kamiya, the very one who brought us the original Devil May Cry, comes this sexy heroine complete with guns, brains, beauty, and the power of evil.

Bayonetta must battle against heaven and its horde of angels, not to mention the red clothed witch who has followed her every move. The demo starts off in the beautiful city of Vigrid, filled with angels who don’t fit the definition of the word, at all. They are determined to stop you and your evil ways but you have a variety of weapons to slice your way through.


In addition to your array of guns and a katana, your hair comes in handy. Not only is it your clothes, but you can use it to perform finisher ‘torture’ moves to send your victims to the depths of Hell. As an added surprise, you get to see Bayonetta in the buff, although you’ll have to use a bit of imagination too. All of these moves can be practiced while the game is loading between segments so don’t worry if you struggle at first.

Battles are played out like an elegant performance. You will twist and manuever around enemies as you find opportunities to get a hit in. If you’re good enough and can dodge their attacks at the perfect moment, you’ll enter ‘Witch Time’ where everything will slow down and you’ll be able to take them down quickly and efficiently.


The demo plays a lot like Devil May Cry with a few differences. For starts, the environment is much more expansive. You’ll climb on walls and have stylized battles mid-air against giant dragon-like creatures as the buildings crumble around you. The music is also quite unique. Normally a jazzy light hearted tune is not the music to be hacking angels to death with but for Bayonetta, it works. This elegance is further supported by the shadow of a butterfly following our witch. It’s the little details that bring out the visual beauty. If you thought Dante was stylish, you haven’t seen anything yet.