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E3 09; Blur trailer highlights power-ups

Submitted by on Wednesday, 3 June 2009No Comment

blur2You know the drill, it’s E3 and trailers for upcoming and exciting properties are coming out of the woodwork like there’s no tomorrow.

We could literally post up article after endless article offering new media of future titles, there’s so many, so we’re trying to cherry-pick the ones that really stand out, choosing the eye-catching videos that we think you might be interested in.

Case in point: this is Blur.

Presenting the main attack modes of the game in a dizzying montage of auto-destruction, we have to point out the obvious and state how much the footage reminds us of another certain racing franchise. Rhymes with “Turn-out”.

That’s not to say Bizarre Creations can’t fashion something unique and wonderful of their own with Blur. After all, these are the guys responsible for Project Gotham Racing on the 360. It’s not like they don’t know a thing or two about fast cars and furious vehicular action.

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