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E3 09; Dante’s Inferno Preview; unbaptized babies, massive abominations, and naked fat chicks!

Submitted by on Thursday, 4 June 2009No Comment

dante_sinferno_screenshot_e3_2Dante’s Inferno is a game that has captured our attention since it was first announced. We were able to get a first look at gameplay from the upcoming hack and slash title based on the epic poem by Dante Alighieri. You will travel through the nine circles of Hell in order to save the soul of your love, Beatrice, from the clutches of Lucifer himself. Travel to Hell with us as we explore two of the circles, Limbo and Anger. What was our most embarrassing moment of E3?

Dante’s Inferno takes much of the material from the poem and spices it up to the 100th degree. No longer is Dante Alighieri some writer describing his trip into the fiery depths of the underworld. He is now a muscled warrior armed with Death’s own Scythe and a cross. These are only a few of the weapons that will be available in the final game. Aside from the usual slashes, the Scythe also acts as a chain and can be used to grapple with objects and enemies. The cross omits the power of light that can be shot at your foes or charged to unleash a powerful shockwave. Either weapon you choose, you’re sure to cause some destruction.


Many of the enemies come directly from Dante’s description in The Divine Comedy, such as the unbaptized babies who spend eternity in Limbo. A new creature revealed at E3 is the gluttonous naked lady who spews vomit at Dante’s. She also has another attack that comes from behind, if you know what we mean. Some of the larger creatures to be found include Minos, the enormous human with a snake-like body who passes judgement on those entering Hell, and the lava giant used to get across the river Styx.

The game is fairly similar to the poem. They wanted it to be as true to the story without being too boring either. All of Virgil’s dialogue, for example, is directly taken from the book. Along the way to Hell, you will encounter many characters including Filippo Argenti who was shown in the Anger portion of the demo. You will then have the ability to either punish or absolve them. Depending on the decision you make affects the gameplay later on.


Each time we see Dante’s Inferno we get a little more and more excited. After watching the demo, it strongly reminds us of God of War. Perhaps it was because we had just played it,but we saw a strong relation between the two. Death’s Scythe performs a lot like Kratos’ Chaos Blades and the use of reaction commands is all to familiar. Also, we see Dante take control and ride a Minotaur just as Kratos does with a Cyclops. Either way, it’s not a bad thing to have another God of War look alike, is it? We think not.