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E3 09; Fairytale Fights preview

Submitted by on Wednesday, 10 June 20095 Comments

fairytale-fights-screenshot-6If you remember correctly, we told you little about our most anticipated game.Well, we now reveal to you the world of you favorite fairytale. In Fairytale Fights, you’ll encounter everyone from the bedtime stories we read as a kid. You play as Little Red Riding Hood, who has fallen out of the spotlight and will do anything to get back to the top, even if that means hacking all of the other creatures to pieces. Do we have your attention now? Good.

At first glance, this looks like your average children’s game; bright colors (by the way, the water looks absolutely amazing!), goofy characters, it’s all there. Then you seen LRRH whip out a meat cleaver and start hacking a poor lumberjack to death while blood spurts everywhere and then you realize that this is no kids game. This is Fairytale Fights.

There are over 100 different weapons that can be picked up, or thrown for that matter. During our preview, we saw a variety of them including guns, saws, and even tiny gnome enemies that double as a sword. Killing one of the many furry creatures is as easy as moving the analog stick. Whatever direction you move the stick in, that’s the way your character will slice. Dubbed Salami Violence, you’ll be able to cut your enemies to pieces from any direction and, if you can build up enough special power, you’ll execute a Glory Attack. Here, you go into a rush mode and perform multiple hacks at your unfortunate victim, all of which is visible in a pop up PnP window.


With all the hacking and slashing going on, there is sure to be lots of blood. Probably the most unique feature of the game is the Volumetric Liquid System. Blood will behave like any other liquid and coat the environment in red as you rapidly cut apart your enemies. Best of all? You can run through the pools of blood and create your own stained trail behind you. Blood isn’t the only liquid you’ll encounter as acid can be hurled at your enemies for a mind melting blow, literally.

What’s a hack and slash game without Co-Op? Players will be able to drop in at any moment during a game. Fairytale Fights allows up to four players on the screen at once and even has online for those of you who are lacking in the friend department. There will also be an area mode where players can go head to head against each other to prove who is the toughest fairytale creature in the land.

Like any good adventure, there will be a variety of bosses that you’ll encounter. We say LRRH take on a giant beaver on a floating platform. At one point the beaver vomited all over the place and we were stuck in its dirty yellow of a mess. His life came to an unfortunate end when he was sliced to pieces by a row of rotating saw blades, just one of the many environmental features of the game.


We had our doubts about Fairytale Fights but now we can’t wait to get our hands on the game. It’s so cute yet absolutely evil and we love it. The weapons, the blood, the controls; it all comes together for one fine hack and slash adventure. The game is set for a Q4 2009 release date so the wait won’t be too long.