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E3 09; Koei’s Legends of Troy

Submitted by on Wednesday, 3 June 2009No Comment

wlot_logoKoei are well known for their work on the Dynasty Warriors Saga Franchise, now diversified into several sub-franchises including – of all things – Gundam!

But now Koei have taken on an altogether different beast in the form of ancient history. Greek history, to be exact.

The trailer for the upcoming ‘Warriors – Legends of Troy’ has been revealed, and shows… well, not a lot really.├é┬áMostly it is shots of a 300-esque battle complete with rain made entirely out of arrows. I wonder if anyone has mentioned to Koei that the Spartans and Trojans were two very different peoples?

Well, either way, the trailer has certainly got a lot of atmosphere about it.

We just hope that the game can differentiate itself from the other games from other Koei stablemates. Not that we don;t like the Dynasty Warriors series; just that we feel that Greek mythology ought to be treated a bit differently.

In saying that, Achilles and company did have a vast array of vicious battles across hugely different regions. It may well provide a great starting point for the game designers – as long as they don’t start on the ridiculous magic nonsense! The Trojans wouldn’t have stood for it.

The Spartans, on the other hand…