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E3 09; PS3 Attitude’s Best and Worst of E3 2009

Submitted by on Sunday, 7 June 20093 Comments

best-and-worstJune 2009 marks a historic moment for PS3 Attitude. It was the first of what we hope to be many E3’s covered live from the Los Angeles Convention Center. Over the course of four days, we would cover three different press conferences, multiple booth tours and live demos, and who know’s how many crossings from the South Hall to the West Hall, not to mention the meeting rooms upstairs. There were both ups and downs, good games and bad, but overall, it was an experience like no other.

Join us as we recap some of our favorite (and least favorite) moments of E3 2009 along with some never before seen pictures taken by yours truly…

Best Moment of E3: Hands-on with God of War III

The time was 9:00am on Wednesday, June 3rd, standing in the front of the line waiting for the doors to the exhibit hall to open at precisely 10:00. God of War III was going to be bigger than big. It was going to be huge. As the doors opened a rush of people hurried towards the demo stations. PS3 Attitude was at the front of the line. Watching a few people ahead demo the game, we were eager to get our turn. As we turned our head, you could see the line reach all the way across the Sony booth and disappear behind some less popular demos. It was our turn after only a few minutes of waiting and we excitedly rushed to the open PS3 where Kratos awaited. For about twenty minutes, our eyes were glued to the screen so we could capture every moment of blood and death. It was an experience like no other.


Everyone was watching

Worst Moment of E3: Live Blogging the Sony Press Conference…NOT

It was the first official day of E3 and the Sony press conference was the primary goal of the morning. Both EA and Ubisoft’s press conferences had some minor glitches but we were determined to have Sony’s go off without a problem, that was, until we found out that there was no wireless available. Note to self for next years E3: Bring a network card! We frantically did everything we could to get some form of live feed from the conference but to no avail. Thankfully, everything went uphill from there.


Who doesn't like stats?

Most Embarrassing Moment of E3: Singing “Kung Fu Fighting” on the Lego Rock Band stage What was our most embarrassing moment of E3?

I am not a singer, not even alone in the shower. So when it was our turn to try Lego Rock Band, which plays out like all the others by the way, I got my hands on the guitar. Little did I know that I was playing with three other people who had never played the game before. Reluctantly, I gave up the guitar in exchange for the microphone and choose the only song I had any clue as to what the words were, “Kung Fu Fighting.” Let’s just say that this will be the first and last time anyone will hear me sing so congrats to those who were watching for it was a rare occurence that won’t be happening any time soon.

Yes, that's me in the middle, but you're not looking at me, are ya

Yes, that's me in the middle, but you're not looking at me, are ya

Weirdest Swag of E3: Army of Two: The 40th Day Fortune Cookie

We got swag. We got lots of swag. Stay tuned to see how you can get your hands on some too. Among the numerous t-shirts, pens, and other video game branded items was a fortune cookie for EA’s upcoming Army of Two: The 40th Day. The cookie itself was not weird, it was the fortune inside. If you can’t tell by the picture, here’s what it said:

Salem: Worst. Zoo. Ever.

What kind of fortune is that!? It’s more of a statement than anything. Sure, Salem says that at the end of the E3 trailer but come on, give us something more than that. Army of Two. Worst. Fortune. Ever.

At least the cookie was delicious

At least the cookie was delicious

Almost Moment of E3: Seeing Jade Raymond

We desperately tried to get some hands-on time with Assassin’s Creed 2 but alas, the stars were not aligned and entry was denied. We did, however, get a glimpse of Jade Raymond head into the roped off booth housing the demo stations. Blast, we were so close we could almost touch her. How weird would that have been? At least we were able to snag a sweet AC2 t-shirt in the process. Still, it would have been nice to met her in person. Looks like I owe you a cookie, Dolph.

Have to settle for generic Google Image picture

Have to settle for generic Google Image picture

Game We’re Looking Forward to the Most: Kicking the butt of your favorite fantasy creatures

Unfortunately we can’t tell you much about our experience with this game at the moment but soon, very soon (next week) we’ll have a full preview of it, in case you haven’t already guess what game we’re talking about from the headline. This was probably one of the few games that made us want to stab the person demoing the game and take the controller from his bloody hands. It’s too bad that the person was the developer for the game and if we had done that, then it probably wouldn’t get finish. I guess we’ll just have to wait.

Stay tuned to find out what game

Stay tuned to find out what game

Biggest Buildup/Letdown: James Cameron at the Ubisoft Press Conference

The Ubisoft conference was filled with lots and lots of talking, most of it from one man; James Cameron. Avatar is looking to be a big hit when it hits the theaters and video game consoles everywhere. That didn’t stop Cameron from talking about them both for nearly half and hour. If you didn’t know anything about the film before the conference, you probably know more than what’s necessary…if you didn’t fall asleep that is. He kept talking about how amazing and glorious the game is going to be and we were all waiting for a video to start or even a screenshot to appear. Nope, nothing except that blue Avatar logo that is about as interesting as a watching paint dry. The weird thing is that Ubisoft did release a few screens from the game later on during the convention. Why couldn’t they do that at the conference?

The stare of death/boredom

The stare of death/boredom

Biggest Surprise: Announcement of Final Fantasy XIV

Sure, it may be a MMORPG but the announcement of Final Fantasy XIV at the Sony Press Conference came as a surprise to everyone. When Jack Trenton said the announcement of the game after the trailer for XIII, everyone laughed. Great joke Jack. Then the lights when down and a trailer began. We all became speechless as we witnessed the first footage of the upcoming game. What was even more of a surprise was the 2010 release date. Talk about a megaton bomb! Runner Up Award: Fitting everything into my suitcase on the return trip home.

Ooooh, pretty

Ooooh, pretty

So that wraps up our favorite and least favorite moments of the past week. We’ll still have plenty of coverage in the coming days, especially that hush hush game mentioned above.