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E3 09; Wipeout HD Fury Impressions

Submitted by on Friday, 5 June 20094 Comments

WipEout_HD_Fury_6.jpgWe told you about the upcoming Fury Pack that would be hitting the PSN this summer and that it would be playable at E3. Well, we were able to find the game tucked away in a corner of the Sony booth. It looked a little lonely with no one around playing with it so we took up the controller and gave it a go. 

We tried out all three new modes, Elimination, Zone Battle, and Detonator along with a few of the new ships and tracks. This expansion focuses on the warfare and destruction aspect, more so than actual racing. 

Elimination mode was up first. It plays out like a normal race except that there are more boost and weapon pads spread throughout the level. There is a set point goal you must achieve in order to win the match. Points are earned through damaging and destroying opponents ships. You also gain a few points for completing laps but if that’s all you shoot for (pun intended) then you will most likely lose as it doesn’t rack them up quick enough. 

So you’re in the front of the pack and there’s no one to aim your missiles at, right? Wrong. Probably the coolest aspect of this mode is the ability to pull a 180 with the touch of the L2 trigger. Now you’ll be able to face your enemies head on and fire at will. Another awesome thing we noticed was that this move itself could be used as a weapon. We found out the hard way though, as we were right next to a ship and he pulled the 180 directly into ours, destroying it in the process. Our mouths gasped as we remained speechless as to what just happened.


Zone Battle puts you back into the psychedelic world of the Zone tracks, this time with your fellow racers. Your goal is to reach a certain level of speed; in our case it was 12, nothing too difficult. As you race around the track, traveling across boost pads adds to a gauge at the bottom. You can use this gauge to either repair your shields or boost yourself to the next level. How much the increase depends on how much boost you have saved up. It was alright, but nothing compared to Detonator.

This mode forces you to use your new rapid fire lasers to destroy mines as they spawn on the track. Points are awarded for each mine you destroy, with newly spawned ones giving you the most buck for the bang. Occasionally these massive multicolored mines will spawn and if you manage to hit those, they will destroy all mines in a given radius. It’s a colorful explosion with a ton of points. 

Aside from the modes, tracks, and ships of the Fury Pack, there is also a major layout overhaul. Everything is smooth and the color use of black and red is fantastic. It totally works well with the futuristic look of Wipeout HD. Speaking of HD, the graphics and sound remain the same as in the original. The Fury Pack is just another reason to pick up this amazing game for the PSN. But what do we know, you probably already own it.