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EU PlayStation site gets ‘Trophy Wars’ feature

Submitted by on Monday, 29 June 20092 Comments

platinum_trophy_closeOver at the Official EU PlayStation Blog, SCEE have been detailing some updates to the already popular Portable ID feature.

In fact, these new updates do remind us somewhat of a certain ‘Trophy Wars‘ feature we ran here at PS3 Attitude some time ago!

Yes, soon you’ll be able to compare your trophies online with your friends and see how they’re doing against your tally with a fully automatic leaderboard.

Whilst the features being rolled out at the official EU site are great, they do still lag some way behind the likes of PlayFire, who also offer a full games database, games event management and other cool trophy comparisons (best in country, for example).

But these new additions to the official site are certainly a step in the right direction.

Whilst the final look and feel may change between now and launch, you can see an example of the interface below.


And for our US readers, you’ll be interested to note that the Official PS Blog now supports mobile devices in a much more intuitive way. Of course, anyone with an iPhone or Blackberry who has visited PS3 Attitude over the last three months will notice a certain similarity – gosh, what trend-setters we are!