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Final Fantasy VII rated for NA PSN

Submitted by on Monday, 1 June 2009One Comment

Final Fantasy VIIAlready enchanting a whole new legion of fans over in Japan with its release on to the JP Store last month, it looks like English speakers and fans of big hair and bigger swords are finally about to get what they’ve been asking for with a revisit to Midgar.

With the ESRB rating the seminal classic for PSP and PS3, expect to see the biggest (and best?) Final Fantasy game soon.

Games don’t come much bigger than Final Fantasy VII. To this day it remains in the top 10 of some gamers’ all time favourites and if you weren’t gaming back in 1997 when FFVII astounded critics and fans alike, we’d recommend picking it up when it appears on the NA store shortly and seeing what all the fuss is about.

Sure, the graphics are dated but the game-play and story are second to none. If anything, it should tide you over until FFXIII and Versus gets here.

We should note that there is no news of an EU release but, considering Final Fantasy’s worldwide appeal, it would be madness to think Europeans would not also be getting a second chance to play with Cloud, Aeris, Vincent, Red XIII, Tifa and the gang. We’ll keep you posted when dates are finalised.