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Can Final Fantasy VII top the PSN’s greatest hits?

Submitted by on Wednesday, 24 June 20095 Comments

FFVIIWith the recent news that Final Fantasy VII has reached 100,000 downloads from the US PlayStation Store within a fortnight, there was only one question that sprung to our collective mind.

Could a PSOne title from 1997 actually beat the likes of current-gen darlings such as Warhawk, GT5 Prologue and Ratchet & Clank?

There’s only one way to find out…

Final Fantasy VII reaching 100,000 downloads within two weeks of launch in the US Store only is a real achievement. Simply put, it makes this seminal RPG title the fastest selling PSOne title the US has ever seen.

SCE tend not to give out-and-out figures for their PSN titles, which makes comparing the sales of FFVII hard to achieve. However, by using a little of our special PS3 Attitude Awesome Statsauceâ„¢ we can get close to working out where some of the more popular PSN titles sit in the hit parade.

Warhawk makes our computations a little difficult in that it was released as a PSN and retail title, but by looking at the registered players, making some assumptions on BD versus download and then removing a percentage for multiple PSN IDs per PS3, we get to a figure of around 500-650k sold so far on the Store across all regions since August 2007.

GT5 Prologue had sold over 3m units by January of this year, and common wisdom suggests that at least 500k of these are downloads as opposed to retail discs. Ratchet & Clank: Quest for Booty is another title that has been released both on the PSN and in retail outlets, with anything up to 100k sold as a download according to our abacus.

Of course, Final Fantasy VII’s numbers are now expected to drop considerably. Normally, anything from 17-30% of game sales are ‘week one/two’, which suggests FFVII will top out over the life of the product at around 300-600k.

Bear in mind that when we say ‘life of the product’ this phrase means two different things when speaking of retail versus download. In the retail world it means the time between launch and the product ceasing production, but there will still be copies on shelves to buy for a period after that. On the PS Store, there is no reason to end the life of any product – it can stay on there as long as SCE offer the storage space on their servers.

And with the PSN now hosting 25 million users who between them have downloaded over 500 million items, it is perfectly conceivable that this PSOne classic, and arguably the best Final Fantasy title ever produced, could trounce current-gen best sellers without breaking a sweat.

We hope that the success of FF VII doesn’t, however, bring on a flood of lesser PSOne titles in the name of ‘easy’ profit. Part of the outstanding success of this title is due to the sheer quality of the game. We need not worry too much; Sony have already proven they are up to the task of filling our beloved PS Store with useful content rather than out-and-out shovelware. Haven’t they?