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Firmware 3.0 to be “a completely new system”

Submitted by on Friday, 26 June 200916 Comments

PlayStation 3Patrick over at VG247 has, as he says on Twitter, “dropped a nuke” and revealed some juicy details regarding firmware 3.0 for the PS3.

Promising to be “a completely new system”, it appears that the PS3 is about to get its very own “New Experience.”

Highlights of the new firmware release include the oft-mooted Reputation System where gamers can evaluate the prowess of other players, as well as a “Grief Reporting” mechanism. Similar to how LittleBigPlanet’s abuse notification procedure works, users will be able to send screen-shots of abusive players to Sony for review. Snitching just went mainstream.

Other tweaks include some techno-babble about simultaneous HDMI and digital optical outputting along with the much requested background downloading of game patches. No more getting sandwiches when games decide to go through a spring-clean. Danny will be gutted.

Patrick alludes that a lot more of what 3.0 will contain will be revealed before the scheduled pre-Christmas release. Make sure to keep an eye on VG247 (and PS3 Attitude of course) for more updates.