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Free Realms’ population is out of control

Submitted by on Saturday, 6 June 2009One Comment

Fre RealmsThough still no word of a PS3 launch, it’s at least a welcome thought that, when console sporting tweens do get to visit Free Realms, the place won’t be as dead as a library full of zombies.

To celebrate reaching the milestone of two million registered users, Sony Online Entertainment are giving away a “party pack” of assorted wares to each and every one of them. We mentioned this goodie bag back in May. Now however we know exactly what’s on offer.

The pack includes:

  • Cotton Wool Candy
    • Eating this food will change your character into a shaved ewe for thirty minutes.
  • Hot Cheese Fondue
    • Eating this food temporarily increases your character’s matcher’s advantage.
  • Kavod Rainbow Candy
    • Eating this food temporarily increases your character’s maker’s reach.
  • Silver Surf n’ Turf
    • Eating this food will cause a vortex around your character for thirty minutes.
  • Super Coin Booster
    • Your character will temporarily have better luck finding wealth after reading the magic words on this scroll.
  • Super Star Booster
    • Your character will temporarily learn faster after reading the magic words on this scroll

With this new swath of booty, combined with our day one t-shirts and other exclusive swag (that we’ve promised not to talk about), we are becoming inundated with Free Realms’ complimentary merchandise. Not that we’re complaining of course. It’s always nice in this digital day and age when companies hand out free items. Then again, we’re not too sure how having your own personal vortex can be viewed as a positive attribute.