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Getting to Mars on a PS3 is “complicated”

Submitted by on Wednesday, 24 June 20095 Comments

MarsWe all know developing on the PS3 is like a getting a date with Megan Fox. Tricky, fraught with danger at every turn, but ultimately rewarding.

In fact, when multi-platform games have been developed with the PS3 as the lead platform in the past, there is anecdotal evidence to suggest that, not only does it make the whole process easier in the long run, but also leads to a better game for all gamers. (We’re looking at you Criterion. No, not you Terminal Reality.)

Thatvideogameblog have just run an interview with the developers of the upcoming RPG Mars where they brought up how, in a previous chat, Spiders Games’ Jehanne Rousseau discussed the studio’s intention of making a “great PS3 game”. But why the focus on PS3? Well, it’s complicated

Confirming what we’ve already known for some time, the PS3’s architecture is a mine-field of hidden secrets and untapped potential. Like Mars itself in a way. Rousseau claims:

“[…] the main reason of our effort in developing a great PS3 game first is because the PS3 is a very complicated platform that is most of the time not used to its best, and we know that if we concentrate now on all the difficulties and strong points of this console and if we can go over them, the other platforms should be more simple to approach.”

The interview is a great insight into further details about the promising title and comes recommended. We even got a little giddy when Philip K. Dick is mentioned as one of the game’s influences. We do like our Dick around these parts.