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Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince Launches, Conjures Trailer

Submitted by on Tuesday, 30 June 2009One Comment

HarryPotter_HBP_Logo_jpg_jpgcopyAfter an eight month delay and millions of Potter-heads damning Voldemort for it, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince released today in North America.

United Kingdom fans have to wait a little more than that, 3rd July for you original Potter-heads. Never fret, PS3 Attitude is here to offer you the launch trailer wherever you may be in this (increasingly less) green earth.

Half-blood Prince aims to please fans by offering not only your favorite features from past games, but also new ways to experience the Harry Potter universe in this videogame adaptation of the popular franchise.

    • Quidditch! Compete as Gryffindor and battle the other houses for the Hogwarts Quidditch Cup.
    • En garde! Take part in thrilling wizard duels, perfect your duelling skills and become the Duelling Club champion.
    • Are you going to drink that!? Create magical potions with Professor Slughorn.
    • Shh…I think I hear something. Explore Hogwarts at night: Take on night-time missions while the castle sleeps.
    • Stuck? Call on Nearly Headless Nick for clues and tips to help you complete your challenges.
    • Relive the action of the movie…from the Hogwarts Express to the dramatic revelation of the Half-Blood Prince.
    • See more of the wizarding world: Explore new magical places like The Burrow, and the Horcrux cave.
    • Uncover the truth: Travel with Dumbledore to piece together Voldermort’s past, and sneak around Hogwarts to discover Malfoy’s secrets.

    Since Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince The Videogame releases a full 15 days before the movie, are you going to play now or wait until you experience the movie to experience the videogame?  Are you fed up with Harry Potter already and this post made you lose your mind?  Let us have it in the comments then.