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Heavy Rain not “conceptionally in line” with trophies

Submitted by on Tuesday, 30 June 2009One Comment

Heavy RainSpeaking to games database site SPOnG, Quantic Dream’s Guillaume de Fondaumiere has raised the tricky topic of how the studio plans to approach trophies in the upcoming Heavy Rain.

After all, with its adult themes and innovative structure, the game doesn’t naturally lend itself to the concept of rewarding virtual trinkets when a player finds a shard or completes a level. Hence, Heavy Rain’s trophies were always going to be as inventive as the game they feature in.

Guillaume de Fondaumiere states:

“We haven’t figured out, as of yet, how the trophy system is going to work. It’s not necessarily a game that is conceptually in line with what trophies should do.”

It’s important to note that this doesn’t suggest the game will be devoid of trophies. After all, it’s a mandatory system enforced by Sony; a system Danny thanks them daily for we might add.

We should however expect some abstract and quirky challenges and milestones when the trophy list is finally revealed. Expect such goals like “One Down, Three to Go!”, a silver reward when you kill a main character (and continue on playing) and the bronzed “Get them off you!” when you take your pants off in front of a sleazy voyeur for the first time.