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Hellion hero gets a name; a bad one at that

Submitted by on Tuesday, 9 June 20098 Comments

HellionBack in April we spoke about upcoming horror FPS “Hellion: Mystery of the Inquisition.” With its religious overtones and bleak medieval setting, our interest piqued as we’re absolute suckers for the dark and heretical world of the supernatural.

Especially when religious orders are involved.

Announced today, we’re getting an insight into the game’s main character, Godric of Glastonbury. Despite sounding like a bumbling Blackadder inspired festival goer, we’re assured Godric is a pious sword master who joins the Dominican order on their quest to combat “incarnate evil.”

What’s also alluded to is a terrible incident in Godric’s life which sends him on this path of retribution. If memory serves us, we’re pretty sure this is in reference to the killing of his wife and child(ren). Pretty sure that’s not spoiler material. Sorry if it is.

We’ve got some images of the unfortunately named Godric. Check them out below.