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[UPDATE] The Homerun – 4th June 09; E3 edition

Submitted by on Thursday, 4 June 20092 Comments

the-homerunWelcome to another Homerun. This week we have been covering the E3 convention and listening out for news on PlayStation Home.

So hear what has been announced and released in this run-through of the goings on in and around the online world.

At E3 we have been hearing about new spaces for inFAMOUS, SOCOM, Ghostbusters and Fight Night Round 4 and they are all playable at the show floor. No dates have been set for release in any region but we hope the wait won’t be too long as they sound and look very impressive. 

Thanks to stupidnick79809 from the US PlayStation boards, we have a couple of videos to show you. The one that you can see at the top of this page is Jack Buser from the Home team talking about some of the new spaces. A second video for you is a short preview of the Ghostbusters space that you can watch here.

We were hoping to hear a bit more about Home in the Sony E3 Conference but it was only a minor part of the two hour show. But at least we saw some releases of some cool new games coming our way!

Speaking of the conference, North Americans and Europeans can now watch Sony’s feature-packed show in the Presentation Podium on the big screen. Many people were expecting the show to be streamed live but this feature has yet to be implemented but of course is something Sony are working towards.


Game Spaces shown at E3, credit to stupidnick79809

The Buzz! HQ space has finally been released in North America and PAL regions. We have had a go with it and so here are our impressions: When you first join the space you are in a hotel entrance style room called Buzz! Studio with posters and seating areas. There’s little to do here so to take part in the main aspect of the Buzz! experience in Home, you have to go into a seperate area.

As we have mentioned before, the Buzz! mini-game uses quizes submitted to and with other people you must walk into the correct zone corresponding to what you believe is the correct answer for the question asked. You then get points for every correct answer. To do this you have a birds eye view of the room and this is what causes problems.

Because there are there with up to another 63 other people in the room, it can be a task at spotting your own avatar. Sony need to have a way of showing you where you are standing to solve this issue as soon as possible. Apart from that there are little other issues. Although we did experience a bug where sometimes as soon as we joined the room, we would get kicked out into the reception area. We hear they are working on fixing this now.

SCEE has been talking about the future and explained that they hope to release the SIREN: Blood Curse and Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune spaces seen in North America around mid to late June time. But if you want new stuff now you will find new some new clothes items in the Shopping Centre, as well as some new beards in the wardrobe!

Sony has also teased about a new film promotion starting on Friday but they won’t say what for. We know that there are two big films this month the moment and they are Transformers 2 and Terminator so we guess it must be one of those. Can’t wait to find out!

Those of you living in North America will be pleased to hear that you now have Picture Frames! Selling for $2.99, they allow you to upload your own personal pictures from your hard drive and display them on your apartment walls to show to your friends. We have heard in the past that SCEE would like to have them too, however, their lawyers advise them against it so it may be a long time before Europeans will have their hands on them.

In Xi this week, two new mazes have opened in Alpha Zone 3 where each new maze when completed unlocks a new fragment. The first new maze is a Ghost edition where you must reach a trophy in the middle and return back. But it is not as straight forward as that because ghosts travel inside the maze and if you go in contact with them, you have to start again, or go back to the half way point if you reached it already. It really is quite hard and frustrating but can be completed in around twenty minutes. It helps if you remember which areas in the Maze each Ghost is assigned to.

The second new maze involves going through past barriers that you must solve puzzles to gain access to that are in the form of a question and four multiple choice answers. Luckily in this one you can ask help from other people if you get stuck. If you get a question wrong however, you have to start again.

A third fragment is now available by going to and working out a code from the key image by visiting Alpha Zone 3. With the introduction of all three fragments, there are now just two left to become available which shows how close the end of the Xi puzzle is.

So there we have it, quite a bit to talk about this week. The Buzz! HQ space has launched, we have heard about new spaces from E3, Picture Frames have arrived in North America, and Xi is nearing completion. What will be available to talk about next week?

UPDATE: The Buzz! HQ space has been removed from the PAL servers till further notice due to the issues that we have mentioned above relating to users getting kicked out of the quiz for no reason.