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Inferno Pool Contest – PS3 Attitude Vs. Dark Energy Digital

Submitted by on Monday, 8 June 20099 Comments

Inferno PoolAs a special treat to the winner of our Twitter-based PSFreeAttitude giveaway last week, we offered the attentive victor the chance to not only enjoy the fast-paced mania of Inferno Pool, but also to go up against the creators of the game, Dark Energy Digital.

Unfortunately the actual winner was unavailable so, still eager to pit our potting skills against the best of the best, we picked one of our many supportive readers, Ducer15, and prepared to square off against two of the best Inferno Pool players on the planet.

I rose early and checked my friend list to see Ducer15 already online and getting some early practice rounds in. I joined him and, together, we got into a competitive mindset and prepared for the big event against Rob and Chris – the boys from Dark Energy. High noon came and went and, just when we thought our opponents were cowardly yellow-bellies and we’re about to pull a no show – we got the invite.

In the interest of full disclosure we should mention that, though Inferno Pool is very much an every-man-for-himself affair, there was only ever going to be one way PS3Attitude was to have any chance of not being completely slaughtered at the table – we needed to gang up on them. I never sent Ducer15 a ball from my table (and, to the best of my knowledge, he never attacked me) and focused most of my attention on Chris; a player who appears to possess the speed and accuracy of a potting Jedi.

As expected, the first couple of rounds went to the game’s creators with mock bravado streaming into our headsets from the masters of the baize about “custom breaks” and other esoteric tricks. The latter rounds were a different story.

I managed to take a 1st and Ducer15, in an amazing feat of utter tenacity, pulled off a mighty 2nd despite only having a limited number of hours with the game. Though convinced we were taking it easy on him, I can ensure everyone that we most certainly were not!

We hope the get-together with Dark Energy was also a beneficial experience for them as they got to hear first hand just what us players thought of their game. Small things that Inferno Pool doesn’t do well (there were more than a few shouts of “Which colour am I again?”) came up and, though this is not an official announcement of a patch, we do get the feeling that the guys have a lot of plans for the game with future tweaks in the works.

We’d like to thank Rob and Chris for taking the time last Saturday to play with us as it’s always enlightening to see really great players of any game executing their skills right in front of you. Not that we could spend much time watching their table of course; we were too busy with the torrent of balls they were sending in this direction. As expected – a rematch has been tendered.