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Keeping the Faith. Mirror’s Edge 2 confirmed

Submitted by on Sunday, 14 June 20095 Comments

Mirror's EdgeYou may recall how we applauded EA last year for taking a small step away from the safety of sequelitis and investing in new IPs such as the chilling Dead Space and the free-running spectacle of Mirror’s Edge.

Both games, received well by (most) critics and (nearly all) gamers alike, now have the opportunity to see what life is like on the other foot with the previously announced Visceral Games developed follow-up to Dead Space now joined by the inevitable – Mirror’s Edge 2.

Speaking to Videogamer during the media frenzy that was E3, Senior Vice President at EA Games Europe Patrick Soderlund, confirmed that DICE will pull on the wall-running sneakers and revisit Faith’s distinctively vertigo inspired and starkly coloured world once again.

Soderlund refers to the undertaking of the first game as somewhat of a risky endeavour; no doubt in reference to the game’s non-confrontational premise and Parkour heavy slant. Though the sport enthrals many upon first sight, it’s still quite the underground movement and there was no assurance that people would warm to the new IP or its protagonist, Faith.

The VP also mentions that, though the game sold well, and better than some had expected, it did not hit the sales targets they had ultimately hoped for. Despite this, the game is far from viewed as being a failure, and the news of a sequel must be seen as a no-brainer.

Soderlund states:

“Mirror’s Edge was a risky move […]. The game wasn’t perfect by any means [but] you will see another Mirror’s Edge for sure. It’s just a matter of when that time is and what we do with it. We have a small team on it and I’m excited about what we do.”

No other details regarding the follow-up are known at this time but we’re sure this select group of DICE individuals will be focusing on some of the first game’s well-documented shortcomings; namely length, linearity and voice acting straight from an IKEA commercial Yes, that was the obligatory Swedish developer joke.