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Lost Planet 2 on PS3 – PS blog snags first interview

Submitted by on Wednesday, 3 June 20092 Comments

Lost Planet 2Managing to ensnare Capcom’s Frank Filice for some Lost Planet 2 brain drainage, “Friend of the site” Jeff Rubenstein went straight for the jugular and brought up probably the one thing most PS3 fans would like to mention if given the opportunity to address the developer of the first game.

Lost Planet on the PS3 just wasn’t good enough. 

So, with the sequel confirmed for our platform of choice during Jack Tretton’s address yesterday, just what can the demanding and, let’s face it, slightly peeved Sony fans expect from the icy follow-up?

First up, you can put down the pitch-fork as Frank assures us that Capcom have taken the community “feedback” (also known as rabid swearing and threats of physical violence) on board and the sequel will cater to the full extent of Sony’s platform. Call us crazy but that sounds like Home support to us. Trophies, online support, the works – this time it appears we won’t be getting the short end of the frosty stick. 

Speaking of gelidity, Frank goes on to explain that the game is set ten years in the future when the ice from the first game’s setting has melted leaving a “lush and massive environment”. The grappling hook returns and we now have such modes as four player co-op with the added bonus of a “shared gauge”. The footage on display in the background depicts an encounter with what Frank refers to as a “Salamander boss”.  Looks interesting. 

Of course you can always check it out for yourself in the video below.