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MAG Monday – Let’s talk PMCs

Submitted by on Monday, 29 June 2009No Comment

MAGAnother Monday and we have another developer diary from the Zipper guys regarding everyone’s favourite 256 player frag-fest MAG.

Favoured of course purely because, come this fall, there is literally going to be nothing else out there like it.

Having already expounded the concept of MAG’s Shadow War and the reasoning behind why such a prodigious jump to 256 online players, the latest MAG diary entry talks private armies and how each mercenary group will have their own personal style and ethos.

The gang are back to talk about the three PMCs of the game: Valor, Raven and S.V.E.R. While Valor is made up of your traditional type of military units, Raven are noted for their up to the minute technology and an emphasis on being tactical. If you prefer your merc-for-hire to be the type of guy that is more likely to sport a few tattoos and miss the odd tooth however, S.V.E.R. is where your game is at.

Each soldier’s aesthetic and style of play are not the only aspect that will change depending on which group you align yourself with as, depending on which base you’re infiltrating, you’ll also notice how the look and feel of a particular location will reflect the personal style of the PMC in question. Expect S.V.E.R.’s base of operations to be a more grittier and dustier area for example than the clean-cut and organised environs of Valor or Raven.

Which PMC do the majority of the Zipper guys favour themselves? Though there is a good degree of variance among all the developers, there does appear to be a tendency to favour the high-tech tactical nature of Valor.

In other MAG news, speaking over at the official EU community site, the European Franchise Manager for MAG has intimated that, when a MAG beta does hit, it will be on an invite only basis.