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Marvel Vs. Capcom 2’s Ryu And Wolverine Are Not Very Fond Of Each Other

Submitted by on Tuesday, 30 June 2009One Comment

marvel-vs-capcom-2The following took place during a recent Capcom photo shoot to promote the upcoming PSN videogame Marvel vs. Capcom 2.  PS3 Attitude was there as a special guest director.

The events that unfolded were captured by the surviving camera crew in video and pictures.  This is the first of a series of unfortunate set of events during said photo shoot.

PS3A: Japanese martial arts master, meet Canadian mutant with metal claws. Let’s start with a few poses facing each other and … What’s that Ryu? Oh no, he didn’t mean anything by that; he often pulls out his middle claw as a sign of respect.  So about the photo shoot, I was thinking that … oh, so he did it again with his finger this time? I’m sure there’s a logical explanation for that, let me speak with him.


PS3A: Hello Wolverine, as soon as the camera guy shows up we can shoot a little video with … what’s that Wolverine? No I don’t speak Japanese but I’m sure that he was just complimenting your awesome yellow suit. Oh you do speak Japanese and you understood everything he said and it was full of expletives towards you?  I’m sure he was speaking about someone else, something got lost in translation I’m sure.  What’s that?  He said it again in english and added even more expletives and a few choice comments about your mother?  Well…

Wolverine: Let’s go bub!

PS3A: Come on guys, let’s keep it civil ok?  The camera crew should be here in a few minutes for the photo shoot and we can all go our separate ways.  Alright guys?  Just a few more minutes.

Wolverine: (SNIKT)

PS3A: Whoa! Wolverine, put them back in man.  You’re freaking everybody out.  Let’s stay cool alright Ryu? Look he’s cool see?  Oh wait, he’s not cool.  Just walk away Ryu, walk away fast.  Way of the wandering warrior right man?  Look there’s an open road right there.  I even have your crusty old duffel bag packed the way you like it.  Right this way Ryu.  Ryu?  Ryu!


PS3A: Aww crap. There goes the security deposit.