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Max Payne is a bald, bearded, junkie

Submitted by on Wednesday, 10 June 20095 Comments

Max Payne 3Reporting on new details about Max Payne 3 in the latest edition of Game Informer, our friends over at CVG have posted up some of the more salient points.

The acerbic and perpetually wronged Max is back, this time with a lack of hair (if you discount the addition of facial fuzz) and an unfortunate dependency on prescription drugs.

Well, if our wife and child were ruthlessly murdered only for pretty boy Mark Wahlberg to swoop in and add insult to injury by depicting us in a mediocre movie, we’d probably reach for the painkillers too.

Some of the more interesting points from the article include the mention of Sao Paolo as a location, a “procedural animation system” driven by Rockstar’s Rage technology and, the one thing that really caused eyebrows a-cocking around these parts, visuals that apparently rival current graphics high bar holder, Uncharted 2.

With the return of bullet-time and destructible environments, we could be looking at a sublime over-the-top masterpiece when Max Payne 3 releases later this year.

We’ll keep you posted as more details of Mr. Payne’s return emerge.