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Japan to get more Valkyria Chronicles DLC

Submitted by on Sunday, 21 June 20092 Comments

Valkyria ChroniclesWhen a much hyped game doesn’t receive the initial sales its publisher anticipated, there’s always the fear that it will quickly be forgotten about; relegated to the ranks of “We tried something different, it didn’t do too well, we’re moving on.”

Not so with Sega who, recognising that lush RPG Valkryia Chronicles is a quality product with a fervent fan base, are continuing to produce new and exciting DLC. With a number of packs already available, we now have news that another download is on the way.

Now that the game seems to have finally found its stride sales wise, we can only hope the game and its comprehensive DLC will be enjoyed by more and more converts to what is a deeply tactical and graphically adventurous title.

Currently only confirmed for Japan, IGN has picked up on Japanese magazine Famitsu’s report that more Valkyria Chronicles DLC  is about to hit. Scheduled for release on June 26th in Nihon, the pack consists of six new stages entitled Eddy Butai no Chousenjo – literally translated as “Edy’s” (slighty different name in the Western version) “unit/brigade” “written challenge” or “Edy’s Squad Challenge”, if you allow for some poetic licence.

With the reduced price of ¥300 (€2.25/$1.89/$3.11), if and when this new content sees a Western release, we can only hope we also get such a great discount for some new content of a truly amazing game.

Still no trophies though – but we’re hearing that a lot lately.