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PlayStation Home in numbers and statistics

Submitted by on Thursday, 25 June 20092 Comments

playstation_home_1No Homerun this week because there basically is very little Home news to report on. However, there is an interesting article from Gamasutra who have spoken to Peter Edward, director of the PlayStation Home platform for SCEE.

Since launch, PlayStation Home has been downloaded seven million times, three million of those are from Europe, and a total of six million virtual items have been downloaded.

Did you know that the average Home session is 56 minutes? Even we rarely spend anything close to an hour at a time.

Of course a large portion of users who use Home are the stereotypical hardcore audience that you would expect; males between 18 and 35 count for 80% of all inhabitants. Although Sony admit that they were expecting a figure close to 90% and this shows that Home does have the appeal to a range of people including females.

The Red Bull Air Race space has been a huge success in Home, gathering 873,136 unique users and 2.5 million overall visits since it launched early this year. A massive 575,000 hours of gameplay have been completed with the average session lasting 39 minutes.

But the development of the space was quite costly! It cost €110,000, that’s a lot of money for anyone, but it comes a huge profit margin with an estimated marketing value of €1.5 million. This is a clear example at showing how much potential Home has for businesses, and as long as they are prepared to risk their money for the development, they can gain huge rewards in return.

The European film promotions have also experienced success with over 800,000 unique views of an exclusive video by director Zack Snyder for the Watchmen promotion.

Other promotions include the sale of 450,000 Star Trek costumes and 125,000 people playing the recent Transformers puzzle games for free virtual T-Shirts.

What these figures show is how massive PlayStation Home is to the PlayStation 3 in terms of visits and revenue for Sony and third-parties, although Sony deny that the aim of the platform is simply to generate revenue.

Meanwhile in other Home news, the team have done some work behind-the-scenes and so now this week all lost rewards items since the start of the Open Beta should now be back where they belong. Hoorah!