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PS3 gets Joost

Submitted by on Thursday, 18 June 20095 Comments

Joost_1The folks over at Joost have been providing an online service streaming video to the internet masses – if you use a PC, that is.

As of this week, the Joost functionality is available to all PS3 users via the internet web browser direct from the XMB.

With the release of Vidzone just recently, we have to ask if there is a need for this option for the PS3 masses?

With DualShock3 in hand, we leaped into the new-fangled world of streaming video to give you our honest opinion.

First things first, the site is a cinch to use, with all the controls mapped to the DS3 directly.

A menu runs on the right hand side and is controlled with the d-pad, which is about as intuitive as you can get. The video runs in its own window to the right with some brief intermittent advertisements which obviously enable the service to be provided for such a reasonable price… free!

It is bizarre that this third party application/service feels more streamlined and intuitive than Sony’s own, but then it is worth mentioning that Joost as a service is not new – just the PS3 integration. Not only that, but no doubt the PS3’s own video service will go through a number of updates in the coming months and years.

Hold X and the D-Pad is handily represented, showing what everything does.

The video quality is among the best we have seen from similar services and the sound is of reasonable quality, too. Perhaps not as good as the Vidzone, but you have to look pretty hard to see the differences.

There are music videos, TV snippets and a variety of short clips all available with a search function to hand if you know exactly what you are looking for. Moreover you can view the most popular items viewed by fellow viewers, so even if you don’t know what to watch there are plenty of suggestions.

There are downsides to the service, though; if you are on a slower internet speed or you are on a busy or weak wireless network, the video can become jittery. Let’s be honest – we all like seeing J-Lo’s… assets… but when they are jittering like a poor quality internet video from the nineties, it can be distracting. And not in a good way.


The interface is slick and minimalist. Vidzone, on the other hand...

The other downside is that none of the ‘big’ TV providers are on board yet. As such, we aren’t going to see any mainstream shows on the service any time soon, but then we feel that there aren’t all that many people who would really want to watch things like America’s Next Top Model or whatever on the PS3.

Certainly not as many as would want to just stick on something convenient for background noise.

One of the upsides of the service over Vidzone, for example, is that the whole thing is up and running in a matter of seconds – particularly if you have the site bookmarked.

Overall, the service is polished but lacking in content in the long run. However, with regular updates and an astonishingly intuitive control system, we feel that Vidzone might have to up the ante. Fast.

Interested? Check out the site by following the link below direct from your PS3 browser. Then bookmark it, have a go and come back here to give us your unreserved opinion in the comments below.

Joost PS3 Service.

As far as we are concerned, Joost is a genuinely viable alternative to Vidzone as long as you can get around the lower content count.