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PS3 Price Cut! (In Spain)

Submitted by on Friday, 12 June 20094 Comments

PlayStation 3A reduction in the retail price of the PS3 is like the new Ice Age. We all know it’ll happen some day and, when it does, it’s going to change the world forever. OK, it mightn’t go that far but it will definitely see the gaming industry shaken up for a considerable amount of time.

Certain analysts have been predicting a PS3 price-cut for months now with various divinations like: “It’ll happen at GDC,” to “wait for it during E3”. Then there were the claims that it’s coming this August with the new Madden game.

We’ve chosen to skip over such cases of spurious crystal ball gazing as -until Sony send out a press-release and the console is priced differently at retail outlets across the world – that’s when we’ll believe the price-cut has happened.

Of course, with the recent Amazon special and now this – some regions are experiencing a price-cut in their own special way.

Exclusive to GameStop (and only in Spain), the PS3 is now available for €299.98 with two games. The bundles on offer include Gran Turismo 5 Prologue + MotorStorm, Resistance + Uncharted, GTA4 + Midnight Club Los Angeles, Gran Turismo 5 Prologue + GTA or, if you’d rather just one newer title, the console along with Killzone 2 for the same price.

We don’t know how long the offer lasts so, if you’re in Spain, Rápido! Rápido! Get them while you can.

[Thanks Tom]