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Strewth! PS3s sold for AUS$199 – chaos ensues

Submitted by on Thursday, 25 June 2009No Comment

PlayStation 3We can’t wait for the PS3 price-cut.

Not because such a cost reduction of our beloved black behemoth of choice will attract new customers. No, that’s a given. What we can’t wait for is putting this never-ending story to rest.

First there was the Amazon sale, then GameStop in Spain went loco and sold off PS3 bundles at a fantastic promotional price. Now it’s Australia’s turn to jump in to the PS3 price-slashing drama with news surfacing on Gamerzink that local Target stores, in what we must condemn as a shocking disregard for public safety, dropped the price of all remaining PS3s (40GB) to $199 (USD$159 / £97 / €114).

Cue riots.

If you’re a frugal gamer from the likes of Victoria, frantically looking for the power button on your internet viewing device so you can rush down to your nearest Target and avail of the sale of the century, don’t bother. As soon as the limited number of 40GBs were put on the shelves, they were just as quickly snapped up. In fact, if you believe the trusted source of forums (and who doesn’t?), it would appear that the majority of reduced PS3s were actually picked up by Target’s own staff. Smart cookies.

Gamerzink goes on to speculate that the clearance may be in preparation for a new SKU/bundle about to hit Australian shelves. There’s even crazy talk of the PS3 Slim making an appearance. We’re not sure why Target decided to drop the price of PS3s to a level that is borderline criminal in a country where the purchasing of a game console usually requires a second mortgage – or at least the selling of a child into slavery – but we’ll be sure to keep our eyes peeled on the Aussie horizon. If more news hits of plummeting PS3 prices – we’ll keep you informed.