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Sony’s new Motion Controller already with developers

Submitted by on Friday, 5 June 20094 Comments

Montion ControllerWith Sony and Microsoft about to enter “Motion-Wars”, a domain previously dominated by the sole presence of Nintendo; a lot of internet chatter at the moment is focused on two important points:  whose technology is better, and who will be first to market?

The first question is almost impossible to answer with industry mavens and arm-chair commentators alike only able to opine personal viewpoints. (We like Sony’s more – just for the record).

As for the second question concerning timings, though no dates have been locked down at the moment, it does look like Sony could beat Microsoft for once and have their technology in your hands sooner rather than later.

Speaking to Ricardo Torres of GameSpot, Peter Dille, SCEA’s Vice President of Marketing, has revealed that Sony’s new motion controller has already been delivered to some third-parties and that the few choice developers “[…] couldn’t be more excited about it.”

The six minute interview took place immediately after Sony’s keynote and recaps a lot of the main points of the presentation. After gushing over the new PSP, its new Media Go content delivery system and then some new IPs (ModNation Racers and MAG get a mention), Ricardo touches upon Sony’s other big announcement – the plan to introduce a new motion controller next spring.

Of course, this technology could be viewed as the next logical step up from PlayStation Eye and therefore is not necessarily completely “new” but, in case you’ve just woken from a coma or something, we’ve embedded the nine minute demonstration segment from the keynote where the controller was revealed above.

If things look a little rough, that’s because they are, but don’t fret as Peter assures us they are past the research phase and are already collaborating with third-parties on how the new controller will influence the face of PS3 games in years to come.