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Splinter Cell: Conviction may come to PS3

Submitted by on Thursday, 4 June 2009No Comment

Splinter Cell: ConvictionThe bugbear of this console generation is undoutedly the concept of third-party exclusivity.

Whether it’s MGS4 going to the 360 rumours, exclusive (or not) DLC for games like GTAIV or Fallout 3, Tekken 6 soon to be available on more than just Sony’s hardware or BioShock’s complete “Never in a month of Sundays, oh ok then” flip to the PS3 – you just never can tell when anyone in this industry utters those two enigmatic words: “It’s exclusive.”

The appropiate response it would appear these days is: “For how long?”

The latest round of “exclusive-gate” popped up yesterday when Joystiq, talking to Ubisoft’s Alex Parizeau and Steve Masters, producer and lead game designer respectively of Splinter Cell: Conviction, managed to wrangle something of a quasi-confirmation from the pair that Sam Fisher’s next mission may not play out solely on the 360.

In what speciously appears to be contradictory statements, both Ubi guys initially state the game as “completely exclusive” to Microsoft’s platform. Digging a little deeper however, Joystiq, through the use of their amazing powers of persuasion, obtained the following tantalising quote: “But that may change in the future.”

What this could mean is that Ubisoft are locked into a timed exclusivity deal with Microsoft with respect to the new Splinter Cell game. The nebulous “could change” and “in the future” comments sound to us like the game is not in development for the PS3 but that such a scenario is a prospect they would look at depending on how well the game is received.

We should state that this rumour has been flying around E3 for days now and there’s usually no smoke without fire. Ubisoft have also shown a lot of love for the PS3 of late and it would make sense, financially at least, to release such a popular title on as many consoles as possible. We’ll wait and see what transpires and have sent our very own Majiesto on a covert recon mission to infiltrate Ubisoft, snap necks, and get more details. 

Actually, Maj – maybe leave those necks intact. We’re quite fond of the guys in Ubisoft.