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Steampunk PS3, anyone?

Submitted by on Thursday, 25 June 20094 Comments

2ah7ig7When we ran the story about the Edge of Twilight trailer, the response we received was one of unbridled enthusiasm. Not only towards the game itself, but also towards the whole concept of steampunk.

So imagine our surprise when we came across some images of a steampunk’d PS3!

It is a bit unusual, but we thought you would really enjoy some images of this amazing modification.

In the comments of our Edge of Twilight article, we all got frothy round the mouth about steampunk and I posted up a link to a Case mod for a PC which was really steampunk in style. Which we all went bananas over.

So now we provide you guys with the ultimate in wonderful PS3 mods.*

Take a look at the images below and let us know what you think. For us, we love the look of the alterations, particularly the pseudo-rust and such, but we would then also need to have a steampunk TV, sofa, table and so on. Which could be pricey.

However, as a novelty, we reckon that there is very little to equal the amazing job that has been made on this PlayStation. Perhaps this is a leaked photo of a top-secret special edition PS3 to be released with Edge of Twilight – who knows?**

For now just enjoy the images below, and let us know your opinion in the comments.2cnjev72up626q

*PS3 Attitude does not condone voiding the warranty of a console in aid of creating a case mod – no matter how beautiful. It’s designed by the pros to be efficient at heat distribution and all sorts of other gubbins. Why tamper with it? Frankly, we love the black.
**It’s not. Sorry.