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New Agency trailer has sass and action; no gameplay

Submitted by on Tuesday, 9 June 20096 Comments

The AgencyTrust us when we say: SOE’s The Agency is not vaporware.

Not only is it very real, but we have on good authority that the title is also shaping up to be a great espionage themed romp. We just hope it gets here before the arthritis kicks in considering we wouldn’t mind getting our (currently still working) hands on it before it’s too late.

Courtesy of the gang from Joystiq, we have a new trailer for the PC/PS3 hybrid MMO title, and though it shows off not one single frame of game-play, consider the fact it’s still receiving the trailer treatment as more proof that it’s very much still in development.

As mentioned already, there is very little on offer here other than another small vignette into the overall theme and tone of The Agency’s universe. Presented in the footage, we get to see a couple of UNITE (or is it PARAGON? We always mix the two up) agents infiltrate what we assume is a top secret kitchen. Maybe there’s some secret sauce nearby.

While the hot lady spy uses her “assets”, Matrix-esque acrobatics and a ridiculously large gun to her advantage, her masculine and snow-mobile sporting colleague relies on brute force and snappy one-liners to overcome the bad guys. It’s all about yin and yang in this game.

Though we’re sufficintly intrigued by the overall concept and look of The Agency, it’s getting to the point now where we need to see some new footage of the game in action before we’re convinced this is going to pan out.

PS3 Attitude may have some exclusive The Agency flavoured details in the near future, so stay tuned. Oh no! I’ve said too mu …