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Top PS3 Attitude readers rewarded with free games

Submitted by on Wednesday, 10 June 200919 Comments

ps3_attitude_new_logoIt’s been a great 2009 so far here at PS3 Attitude. We’ve had some amazing firsts, like our recent trip to E3, while continuing to bring you as much news, views and reviews throughout the week as humanly possible.

We’ve also given away a slew of goodies from H.A.W.X. (along with the cool Thrustmaster T.Flight Hotas), Killzone 2 DLC and numerous PSN games like Cuboid and Zen Pinball. Our latest competition – access to the Uncharted 2 multi-player beta – has now ended. Many thanks to everyone who took part and congratulations to the lucky ten that picked up codes.

As PS3 Attitude continues to grow as a site, it’s quite evident that we’re very much reliant on you, our dear readers, to keep us going. For the uninitiated, each Tuesday we run PSFree Attitude, a weekly Twitter-based giveaway that sees us hide game and DLC codes for both the EU and NA PlayStation Store throughout the site and invite our Twitter followers to locate and redeem them before anyone else. It’s a fun way of interacting with you guys and we freely admit it’s designed to increase awareness of the site. That said, not everyone who comments on the site is following us on Twitter and are hence automatically excluded from winning. We feel it’s time to address this.

For those of you who are following us, you’ll recall that we cancelled this week’s psfreeattitude. There were a number of reasons for this decision. Firstly, as already mentioned, we’ve just completed our Uncharted 2 beta code competition (winners have been announced and will be contacted soon) where we gave away ten US based beta codes for the absolutely awesome and eagerly anticipated sequel. We also have something planned for next Tuesday that is a little special which we’ll touch upon further at a later date. Finally though, we wanted to do something for those of you who have taken the time to register with the site and who continually support us by coming back and commenting on our articles.

We’re therefore extremely happy to announce today, LCaruana and ItsActuallyAdam, two fervent PS3 Attitude readers who continually pop up with their thoughts and wonderful randomness on the site, as the first of what we’re sure will be many readers to be rewarded simply for supporting our cause. Sure, we love games and we love talking about games, but PS3 Attitude does have a core goal at its heart – and that’s to also give something back to the community and help children and young people less fortunate than you or I. By commenting on articles you are directly influencing return visitors to the site. Your comments therefore equate to hits. And hits equal revenue for our charities.

ItsActuallyAdam receives a code for Inferno Pool, gratefully donated to us by the stellar guys over at Dark Enegry Digital. LCaruana’s prize is somewhat of a surprise. Which is another way of saying he’s pretty much already bought all the stuff we currently have to give away but we’re sure we can hook him up with something soon.

We don’t have a catchy name for what we’re doing here and there’s no set plan of how frequent we’ll show our gratitude to readers through the process of giving codes away. That said, this will happen again and happen often. If you want to be in with a chance of receiving a complimentary code, access to a beta, some DLC or whatever else we have cluttering up Attitude Towers, you know what you have to do. Keep coming back and keep commenting where you feel you would like to contribute to the stories at hand.

We should state that, though LCaruana and ItsActuallyAdam are the top two commenters on the site at the moment (you can see this on the handy commenting widget over to the right) that’s not to say we’ll always pick those who comment the most. In other words, if you suddenly feel the urge to spam the comment section of every article – don’t. We’re (just about) smart enough to recognise someone who is contributing to our merry cause and those who are just fishing for a code.

Well done to the two winners once again and our sincerest thanks to everyone who support us here at PS3 Attitude.