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Transformers – Revenge of the Fallen Trailer

Submitted by on Tuesday, 23 June 20095 Comments

Transformers_ROTF_gameTransformers: Revenge of The Fallen (Transformers 2 to the rest of us) has hit the cinemas everywhere now, and the reviews are (mostly) praising the gargantuan mechanical monsters.

As with all the biggest film releases, T:ROTF (no, not ‘twits: roll on the floor laughing’) has been made into a game.

The big question on our lips is:

Will this movie-based-game buck a worrying trend and actually be any good?

Granted, there have been some reasonable attempts recently – just ask Danny_D about a certain dual-identity teenage singing sensation. Platinum in four hours, don’t you know…

…anyway, yes. Transformers 2 looks to take what was great about the first game and take it up a notch. Publisher Activision tell us we are in for the most visceral and authentic representation of Transformers ever. Which is nice.

Most notably, we’re getting a shot at pummelling each other online. With on-the-fly character switching (and therefore vehicle swapping, too) and locations from Cairo to Shanghai, we feel cautiously intrigued by the game.

Check out the trailer and let us know what you think. It hits shelves here in the EU at the end of the week – who’s picking this one up? What did you make of the movie if you have seen it yet? No spoilers, though – some of the team have yet to see it!