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Twitter Weekly Digest for 2009-06-14

Submitted by on Sunday, 14 June 2009One Comment

PS3 Attitude on TwitterAnother week on Twitter – and what a week it was.

On Tuesday we kicked off our Uncharted 2 multiplayer beta key contest and saw an explosion of new followers. Welcome to one and all.

Nothing really else happened on the feed this week so, if you want to see how the contest went – blow by blow – read on.

  • @DadsArmyClan Many thanks for the recommendation – much appreciated! in reply to DadsArmyClan #
  • I’m assuming that everyone who wanted to play the Uncharted 2 beta is playing the Uncharted 2 beta. Right? #
  • So, from the replies and DMs we got – it sounds like people are still looking for Uncharted 2 beta codes. Interesting. Stay tuned folks … #
  • @edraper Beta is still US only at the moment. in reply to edraper #
  • Calling all you Uncharted 2 beta code scavengers. We have codes. Check the site tomorrow for details of how to win. We promise it’s painless #
  • You have questions: the U2 beta is NA only. Codes will not work for EU guys. When/if there’s a EU beta we’ll endeavour to give codes away. #
  • Details of how to entry for a code will be up on the site tomorrow. When doesn’t really matter as this is not a “time-based” challenge. #
  • Ok, yes there’s an EU beta. Just to be clear – these codes are not like the ones with inFamous. These are NA only and come straight from E3. #
  • Quick update on the Uncharted 2 code giveaway. Everyone has (currently) 1 in 3 chance of winning. This will change of course as more ppl RT. #
  • Last update on the Uncharted beta contest for today. Everyone now has a 14% of winning a code. Contest ends on Friday. Good luck! #
  • @Moremoe Follow and RT. That’s it … I just checked and you’re all good now. Best of luck. in reply to Moremoe #
  • To all the people who are RTing the Uncharted 2 beta contest multiple times, thanks! It still counts as one entry though :) #
  • Time for some Uncharted 2 beta. I’ll be the one getting his ass handed to him a lot. Feel free to join in with the ass-handing shenanigans. #
  • We’ve got a big response to our Uncharted 2 beta code contest. I’m thinking of closing it and just picking 10 winners tomorrow. Thoughts? #
  • Due to such a fantastic response, the Uncharted 2 beta code contest will end at 9:00am GMT+1. In 20 minutes basically. Last chance to enter! #
  • Uncharted 2 beta contest is CLOSED. Everyone has a 9.5% chance of winning. Winners announced in a few minutes … #
  • U2 Beta code winners: @attattattack,@CrashDude55,@Eweor,@Frikkn_pro,@HempEffect,@jonathan_bright,@MaKUltra,@meiklzh, @Moose772,@YoBrenoops #
  • Winners of the U2 beta codes will be DMed an address to mail. We’ll then reply with the code direct. Remember: these codes only work for US! #
  • Managed my first “treasure plunder” last night in the Uncharted 2 beta. Only one on my team to do so. Not to brag as I’m usually dead last. #
  • @natalidelconte We thought it was “noob”? in reply to natalidelconte #
  • For those of you waiting for your Uncharted 2 beta code, don’t worry, it’s coming. #
  • @strangeplaice We’re out of codes I’m afraid. Continue to follow us for the chance to win other stuff though … especially on a Tuesday! in reply to strangeplaice #
  • @DanielMapp Winners have been announced and notified. in reply to DanielMapp #
  • Contest update. 5 of 10 codes sent. We’ll be offline now for a few hours. If we don’t receive the requested mails soon – we choose again. #
  • Three Uncharted 2 beta codes remain unclaimed … @HempEffect, @Frikkn_Pro and @Moose772 – reply soon or they go back into the hat. #
  • @Moose772 You should have your code now. As for the last two, it looks like they might go unclaimed. I’ll give them a few more hours … in reply to Moose772 #
  • @Contendo What’s that skip? The Anderson kid is a bit unco and he fell down the well? Sure you didn’t push him Skip? in reply to Contendo #
  • It appears the last 2 Uncharted 2 codes will never be claimed. Trying to think up a fair way of raffling them. Many people are deserving … #
  • @HempEffect Hey Hemp – good to hear you’re still with us – code is on its way to you now in reply to HempEffect #
  • @wolfiezero Well, it’s one code left now … maybe I should give the last guy some more time? His account does appear to be inactive though #
  • @wolfiezero There are many other contests that people can only win through visiting the site. Twitter is a good medium for beta codes tho. #
  • @nickchester It’s rampant. It can get worse though. I’ve seen my actual *words* appear on other sites. It boils the blood. #