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Twitter Weekly Digest for 2009-06-07

Submitted by on Sunday, 7 June 2009One Comment

PS3 Attitude on TwitterAnother week, another weekly check up with the Twitter Doctor.

Following on from E3, we were on a roll this week. With our man in the middle of the fray, things were bound to get out of hand. Charity Events, Press conferences, and another PSFree Attitude provided the bulk of the tweets.

Oh, and we find out the difference between a bird-cat and a baby-cat.

…I think.

  • Dont forget, PS3Attitude’s charity event @E3 tonite. Web sales have ended but tickets are still available at the door. #
  • @NickColley Who said MGS4 is going to DVD? in reply to NickColley #
  • Don’t forget folks, we’re live at the EA press conference and, wifi permitting, will be LiveBlogging it. Check the site for details. #
  • @calz88 Thanks – we’re at E3 this year and have all our bases covered. Appreciate the offer though. in reply to calz88 #
  • We are LIVE at the EA Conference! #
  • Wifi working, lights are down, cells are off. And we are live-blogging … #
  • @richard4481 Mixed Martial Arts. Think UFC 2009. Just by EA. in reply to richard4481 #
  • Our live blogging from E3 continues at 5pm PST when we check out what Ubisoft have to offer … #
  • Impressive display from Microsoft today but to those people asking “What can Sony do now?” Maybe we should just wait ’til tomorrow & see? #
  • Having difficulties with the system. Will use twitter fog the rest of the conference #
  • They are showing a live demo of splinter cell #
  • It’s looking pretty spectacular. the transitions are seamless #
  • Infiltration is key #
  • It looks like MGS meets Uncharted #
  • Confirmed for 360 and PC #
  • Joel is quite the funny man. #
  • Now it’s time for Ruse #
  • If only it were as interactive as the video shows #
  • Lots of ships, tanks, and weapons at the palm of your hands #
  • I agree with Joel, I want that table #
  • Up next, Casual games #
  • It’s Tony Key #
  • @Cranio3000 naw, no interuption here #
  • Ubi is leader on the DS. #
  • LOL Tween Games 2.0 #
  • Petz for the DS. What could be more exciting #
  • Style Labs let’s you create jewelry to upload and purchase in real life #
  • @StarSlay3r yes the event is tonight from 8-10 at the Golden Gopher #
  • Fitness is one of the top growing genres #
  • What is the camera going to do for you? Make you feel self conscious of course #
  • There is a virtual coach to help you get in shape #
  • Your Shape is coming to the Wii this holiday #
  • Camera gives real time results #
  • Joel is back for some more #
  • Adrian Fernandez-lacy with Raving Rabbids #
  • The Wii seems to be stealing the show #
  • The little bunnies plan to return to the moon #
  • They just took Obama’s clothes! #
  • Live demo time #
  • This looks like fun to torture the rabbid #
  • That’s a log collecting. You need to build a stack of stuff to the moon #
  • You can get an airplane engine. Fun! #
  • Up next. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles! #
  • Its their 25 anniversary! A shellabration #
  • Play anyone, fight anyone, have a brawl #
  • Oh look, another Wii game 😉 #
  • Annoucing No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle #
  • Next project is from Q? Entertainment #
  • It is codenamed Eden #
  • Italy and AC2! #
  • Now were into the good stuff #
  • AC sold 8 million units #
  • November 17th release date! #
  • First thought on the trailer is that this looks pretty realistic #
  • This guy is much cooler thy Altair #
  • Still has the same parkour moves though #
  • It looks like you’ll be able to shoot darts in this one #
  • And so ends Ubisoft’s conference #
  • Good morning PS3Attitude followers. What time do you want #psfreeattitude to kick off at today? #
  • I should mention that, first up are a couple of prizes for our EU followers – considering most people in NA should be asleep now. Right? #
  • Apologies to the insomniacs out there but … we’re going with EU first … that’s just how we roll. #
  • First up, courtesy of our friends at Dark Energy and for our EU readers. Inferno Pool. #psfreeattitude #
  • Something different. The code will NOT be hidden on the site but sent to the winner who DMs me the correct answer to a Q … #psfreeattitude #
  • Doing this for a reason. The winner will also be invited to go up against the developers of the game in a face-off this week #psfreeattitude #
  • Ok, for those that can’t DM. We’ll accept a reply. #
  • We’ll keep it simple: What is Rob Hewson’s best time in Endurance Mode? Answer is on the site. DM or Reply the number. GO!#psfreeattitude #
  • We have a winner! #
  • @Ducer15 [br] We are many. Majiesto is at E3 and doing a fantastic job reporting on everything. in reply to Ducer15 #
  • Congrats to @calz88 who answered correctly 6 minutes 10 seconds (we would have accepted 6). We’ll be in touch with the code … #
  • @ostemb0r We’re live-blogging from E3 this year. Up on the site are feeds from EA and Ubisoft. #
  • Next up, and also for our EU readers, a copy of Cuboid. #psfreeattitude #
  • Going old-school this time. The code is ????-E4BF-D894. Hint: “Behold my latest CREATion!”. Go check the site. #psfreeattitude #
  • First to claim the code wins. If a message states the code is invalid it means someone got there before you. Good luck. #psfreeattitude #
  • @CaptainMurdo No more hints. This one is shamelessly easy. You technically don’t even have to search the site! (That’s a hint by the way) in reply to CaptainMurdo #
  • @CaptainMurdo The missing code fragment is on the site. In fact, it’s on the HOME PAGE if you look closely. Surely this has been claimed? in reply to CaptainMurdo #
  • @CaptainMurdo Ha! You deserve nothing! 😛 Keep your eyes open people. The code was in the image :) in reply to CaptainMurdo #
  • @LJespersen Today’s free contests were ONLY for EU readers. There will be two further giveaways tonight for NA. Probably around 6pm EST. in reply to LJespersen #
  • Don’t forget folks. We’re at E3 & are live-blogging Sony’s conference when it starts in a couple of hours. Check the site closer to the time #
  • Hannah Montana PSP please! #E3 #
  • Fun fact: One PS3A staff writer was born and raised in Barranquilla, Colombia. #
  • Resident Evil on PSP #
  • MGS for PSP announced, but what about the PS3? #E3 #
  • Hmm, inFamous Home space should be cool #
  • @Cboardkid Metal Gear Solid Rising hasn’t been announced as a 360 exclusive…yet. in reply to Cboardkid #
  • Sony conference: PS3 time! #E3 #
  • Oh look … EyePet .. .remember that? #
  • Did he just say Lost Planet 2? #
  • Agent? PS3 EXCLUSIVE! #
  • Saw game alive and well, I see… #E3 #
  • Here come Ubi for some ACII goodness #
  • Ezio is not an assassin at the start. daVInci “helps him alopng the way.” Cool concept. #
  • Venice looks decrepit – just like in real life! (kidding) #
  • “I’m sure we can come to an arrangement!” *STABS* Nice … #
  • “Game is massive in scope … ” But of course it is! #
  • Danny_D and Brodiesan here sharing the PS3 Attitude twitter account so if you see us say something twice .. sorry! #
  • FINAL FANTASY 14!! Holy crapbpx!! #
  • “Her name Elorzia …” #
  • FF XIV in 2010!? No way! #E3 #
  • Now all he has to do is announce the price cut and we’ll lose our fragile little minds … #
  • Finally a great use for my PSEye! 1:1 motion, 3D pointing, foam darts!
    #E3 #
  • Do you hear that? It’s the sound of thousands of PSEye pre-orders. #E3 #
  • It’s official. The PS3 motion controller rocks. Coming spring 2010 #E3 #
  • New franchise … ModNation Racers #
  • Cool. It’s like Sackboy for cars …. #
  • The term has been coined – LittleBIGRacer :) #
  • “I like mountains, he likes sheep” – this is getting risque #
  • TRICO! ! ! #
  • “The Last Guardian” …. no longer Trico:) #
  • Here comes GT5 #
  • And now it’s GOWIII#
  • That is one ugly Harpy bitch … #
  • DId Kratos just BACKBREAK that skeleton dude? #
  • To call the GOW III demo brutal would be the understatement of the year #E3 #
  • @geoffkeighley Have to agree with the other tweet. You have to ask Jack about a price drop I’m afraid. Reduced price would give E3 to Sony in reply to geoffkeighley #
  • @geoffkeighley You are a star Geoff. THAT was my second question … in reply to geoffkeighley #
  • We’re still in shock from E3 and nearly forgot about #psfreeattitude. Remember the following codes ONLY work on the NA store. #
  • #psfreeattitude continues for our NA readers. 1st up, a copy of Killzone 2’s Steel and Titanium pack. 3CRH-????-JNCIHint: “DelayStation 3″ #
  • Next up. Again for NA only. Zen Pinball. B598-DNBE-????. Hint: the peaceful studio would punish us for making this too easy. #psfreeattitude #
  • That’s it for #psfreeattitude this week. We’re taking a break next Tuesday but will be back on the 16th with something different planned 😉 #
  • Damn you Twitter! Normal #psfreeattitude service resumes on the 16th. We have something different planned for the 9th (next Tuesday) 😀 #
  • @LJespersen Congrats. Enjoy the DLC and thanks for taking part in #psfreeattitude. in reply to LJespersen #
  • What a day. I feel like kissing my PS3. And my PSP. And my CyberShot and my Bravia. And then bringing the eReader to bed. Time to recharge.. #
  • @pl4yer0ne We’re far from fanboys here at PS3A! We just got a little emotional after what was such a killer keynote. That’s all! :) in reply to pl4yer0ne #
  • Coffee (n) – rich bitter stimulant invented to stem off the effects of E3. #
  • @JanBjork Det har du fan rätt i! in reply to JanBjork #
  • @cc_starr Seen about 10 eps of KR. KITT is now a Mustang. Michael is a pretty boy WHINER. At least Val Kilmer’s voice works. It’s bad though in reply to cc_starr #
  • Raiden, one of the most popular characters in the Metal Gear Solid universe, will star in the all-new title from Hideo Kojima.” Huh? #
  • @NokkonWud @happymonkeyshoe Biggest challenge in gaming: “Making Raiden likable”. How do you think Konami should approach the problem? in reply to NokkonWud #
  • We’ve updated our Sony keynote round-up with some nice pretty images. Check it out. #
  • @MaKUltra Commiserations and congratulations on your recent job loss/freedom. Look on the bright side. More time to game! #
  • The coded Kojima messages have been unlocked over at Eurogamer – if anyone is interested. #
  • I said Kojima. I meant Komani. Gomen Nasai. #
  • @djaffe As far as I can tell he hit the kill-screen but wasn’t above the high score at the time. in reply to djaffe #
  • RT @guycocker: going to see an ‘unannounced Sony title’ which, I presume, has now seen its status upgraded to ‘announced’. #e3 #sony #
  • We gave our Natal Vs. Wand opinion on the site. Short version: The former is “more groundbreaking”. The latter likely to be more practical. #
  • Liking the subtle new design changes to the PlayStation Store but those new navigational sounds are going to take a bit of getting used to. #
  • Does anyone know who does the voice-over on the Fat Princess video? Sounds like a mixture of Sir Ian McKellen and John Hurt :) #
  • @djaffe DAVID JAFFE IN TWO KIDS SHOCKER! :) Hope the little ones appreciate the time Daddy spends making the rest of us “kids” happy :) in reply to djaffe #
  • Not a “rat-bird” but a “Hito Kui no Oowashi Toriko” or “Man eating giant eagle chick” #lastguardian #
  • @Johnboyy Toriko (bird-baby) is also a play on ToriKA (bird-cat) … so, no dog. Definitely some cat though. in reply to Johnboyy #
  • Looks like the KZ2 1.27 patch is now available to download (for some) #
  • @DylanJobe Prepare to lose your mind this weekend then! Enjoy! :) in reply to DylanJobe #
  • PS3Attitude’s Inferno Pool “contest” with creators Dark Energy this morning was good fun. Congrats to Ducer15 for even managing a 2nd! #
  • @evan_wells Congratulations to you and the rest of the pound on your recent Best of Show award. We expected nothing less. Well done guys! #