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X-Men Wolverine “Uncaged Edition” content now available as DLC

Submitted by on Thursday, 4 June 2009No Comment


Everyone’s favourite super-healing mutie Wolverine has just become more of a handful with news of new DLC for X-Men Origins: Wolverine hitting the PSN from today. 

Admirers of the visceral and action packed game can now get their adamantium laced hands (you wish) on the following new areas.

Sounding suspiciously like the Danger Room, fans can now put the feral Canuck through his paces in both the Custom Combat Arena; an area where players can spawn any combination of enemies not available in the normal game such as Sentinels, Jungle Grapplers and more, and an Environmental Simulator – a room featuring all the unique environment based weapons from the game like broken trees and forklifts.

Finally, Ladder Challenge allows players to pit their mettle against floods of any unlocked enemies. We’re also promised an update to the Weapon X Arena containing a bonus room with heightened enemy reaction effects.

We’ll update when the PSN price has been confirmed.