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Uncharted 2 beta starts Wednesday, June 3rd

Submitted by on Tuesday, 2 June 2009No Comment

Uncharted 2 Our friends over at the official PS blog (well, we like to think we’re on friendly terms at least) have reported about a certain beta we’re sure a lot of you are itching to get your treasure seeking hands on.

Starting this Wednesday or, using the parlance of the masses, “tomorrow”, Naughty Dog’s Uncharted 2 beta will commence.

Two modes will be on offer during the beta; co-operative and competitive. The latter consists of two maps and two different game types, the tried and trusted “Deathmatch” and “Plunder”, a venture described as Capture the Flag in the Uncharted universe. With a treasure put into play at a neutral location, both teams attempt to add it to their horde of booty. Winner is the first team to bring it back to their capture chest three times.

For you co-operating people, this mode takes place in a town ravaged by war as you and two others join forces as Drake, Chloe and Sully to fight the odds. All three players can revive each other but when you’re all dead – that’s it – Game Over.

You can find your friends easily upon start up with friend lists and invites all incorporated from the getgo but be warned – party size is limited to five for competitive and three for co-op so maybe just pick your best of friends for now.

There’s oodles of more information over at the site from details about combos, the three dimensional aspect to the game and how it influences your strategy, how you can pull people off ledges and snap their necks from behind and much more that we won’t go into here. We highly recommend checking it out.

Finally, there’s still no sign of an EU based beta but rest assured, we’re still sending the emails/gifts/threats and will let you know as soon as we hear anything back. Or they get a restraining order.