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Uncharted 2 beta updated to 1.10

Submitted by on Thursday, 11 June 200919 Comments

Uncharted 2 While we’ve been busy clamouring for beta keys, it’s important to remember the real purpose for the Uncharted 2 beta: to find issues and then fix them.

As those of us in the Drake-themed testing playground – blind-tossing grenades and reporting bugs akimbo – may already know, the beta has now received its first update. Clocking up a healthy whole 10 points, the Naughty Dog developer wildspeculation has unearthed the following new artifacts over at   

Brace yourself, here comes the science bit:


  • Grenade explosions now apply damage properly


  • Players should no longer get hung up in matchmaking for long periods of time

Bug Fixes

  • Ranks should no longer reset randomly
  • Quitting the game will no longer reset the PS3
  • Player collision – players should no longer get hung up on each other when moving through the environment
  • Player will now be killed if stuck in falling animation for too long
  • In Plunder mode, treasures will no longer disappear during matches

A hearty slew of welcome updates; especially a fix for the PS3 resetting issue which, we have to admit, was starting to grate a little.

Also, in a bizarre twist of fate in relation to the first bug fix above, all players’ ranks will be reset upon installation of the update. Back to the start guys.