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The Uncharted 2 beta code contest is over – or is it?

Submitted by on Thursday, 11 June 200926 Comments

Uncharted 2Many thanks to all our new (and existing) followers who dutifully re-tweeted and put their names into the virtual hat for an Uncharted 2 multi-player beta code.

The following people have now all received codes and should be well on their way towards plundering and co-operating with the best of them.

Congratulations to: attattattack, CrashDude55, Eweor, HempEffect, jonathan_bright, MaKUltra, meiklzh, Moose772 and YoBrenoops.

In fear of sounding glib, we just wanted to mention that running competitions of this nature over Twitter inherently suffer from their fair share of hiccups and challenges with this contest by no means immune to such problems.

It sounds easy. You announce codes, people enter, winners are randomly chosen and codes are mailed to the lucky few. The problem with this model is that if the contest is truly random (and we can assure you that it was), there is no consideration taken towards who gets picked. Should someone who has followed us from the start have a better chance than someone who has simply followed us now purely to get the code and will unlikely visit again?

We’ll leave that debate for another day but we have addressed the fact that not all of those who support this site are on Twitter and should be rewarded, in other ways, accordingly.

Back to the hiccup. We decided to cut short the competition closing date from Friday to Wednesday. The reasoning behind this decision was three-fold. One, we saw an influx of new followers thanks to the contest (never under-estimate the allure of a wiseacre treasure hunter with a new game) and felt we’d achieved the purpose of the contest in terms of attracting new readers. Second, as more and more people entered, people’s chances of winning were obviously dropping like a stone. Our intention here was not to run one of those Twitter spam contests where people jumped through certain hoops and had such a slim chance of winning that the competition was undermined. Lastly, the thought of recording the Twitter names of entrants for a further few days was filling us with dread. We have better things to be doing (or, we’re lazy – take your pick).

So, you may notice that there are nine names above. Nine people who got codes and are (hopefully) enjoying the beta. But there were ten codes on offer. What happened to the tenth code?

One winner has not responded to numerous contact attempts and it appears his or her Twitter account was purely set up to enter this contest and nothing more. The account has one update (which is the entry to this contest back on Tuesday) and, from what we can ascertain, it’s dead to the world. Of course, considering the contest had an original end-date of Friday, shouldn’t we wait and give this person the chance to reply? Perhaps. The fact is, the beta is only open for a finite amount of time, and considering the person is not corresponding with us, it proves the earlier point of how some people blindly enter competitions almost with the belief they won’t win. That was not the point of this contest. We wanted the codes to go to people who not only would use them themselves (though if you give it away, that’s your own choice), but also people who will hopefully pop back to the site and leave a comment or two.

So, the last code is back up for grabs.

If the original winner of the code contacts us before the initial closing date of the contest with something along the lines of “I can’t believe I won and you bastards gave my code away”, we promise to take care of him and her. Not with an Uncharted 2 beta code, we’re literally totally out, but we’re sure we can arrange something else by means of compensation.

How do you win the last code? We’re going to make this insanely easy as the thought of randomly picking people only for others to call foul is not something we have any interest in.

First comment below gets the code. You can comment whatever you want but, despite our abhorrence towards the “FIRST!” culture, you might want to go with that. Please note: the email address associated with your account here at PS3 Attitude will be mailed the code so – make sure it’s a valid one. No exceptions. If, for whatever reason, the person who is first can’t be reached, we go to second, and third, and so on.

We shouldn’t have to mention this again but, just in case there is still some confusion, this code only works with US accounts. EU accounts will not work. Trust us, we’ve already had one person come back with claims that their winning code was invalid only for it to come to light that they were trying to validate it with a EU account.

Finally, can we ask that, if you have a code, please give someone else the chance to enjoy the beta. Sure, you might be able to give the code to a friend but – the purpose here is to try and get the code to someone who supports us and will use it themselves. We won’t renege on the above terms however. First come, first served. Good luck.