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Uncharted movie confirmed

Submitted by on Friday, 26 June 20098 Comments

UnchartedOften rumoured and desired by fans in equal proportions, confirmation is now hitting the trades that Columbia are officially bringing Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune to the big screen.

The Hollywood Reporter have picked up on the story and even provide a short synopsis of the first game’s plot. In the bizarre chance you may not already know this, the game centres on everyman Nathan Drake, his lineage to fabled explorer Sir Francis Drake and the quest for El Dorado.

Fans of the first game will of course know this story backwards, including the part where it goes a little “Crystal Skulls” and takes a small detour from reality. Interestingly, and perhaps also inappropriately, the article mentions this peculiarity in the report.

The film will be penned by the up and coming Kyle Ward who is no stranger to the videogame-to-movie area having already adapted Kane & Lynch for the silver screen and was recently announced as the writer for upcoming sequel Hitman 2.

The Uncharted movie has the potential to be something truly spectacular. Apart from its own stellar virtues; a likable main character involved in a rip-roaring adventure, considering Indiana Jones jumped the shark in his recent escapade, and Tomb Raider misfired on both outings, the adventure genre is wide-open for a new hero to enter and rule the roost.

It’s also great news for PS3 owners as a product that is exclusively associated with the PS3 will now become even more renown in new media circles. Expect a PS3 sales spike after the film opens.

Industry mavens Ari and Avi Arad will produce along with Charles Roven and Alex Gartner from Atlas Entertainment. No director has been mooted at the moment though we’re sure Misters Ratner and Boll are clearing their schedules.