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VidZone Videos around 30mb in size

Submitted by on Wednesday, 17 June 20096 Comments

vidzone_4Ever wondered exactly how much those VidZone videos are eating at your internet connection? Many people these days, particularly from some countries in Europe, have bandwidth limits on their broadband from small to large.

They can be a real pest and ISPs often demand additional payments for every GB that users go over.

No wonder that a common question about VidZone right now is exactly how big the file sizes are for each video.

Luckily the team at @VidZone have responded to the queries about the size of videos after our friend @Ducer15 put the question straight to them, and have revealed the following details: Typically each video is at around 30mb in size, so according to our calculations if the average music video is 4 minutes long, VidZone downloads eat up about seven to eight megabytes a minute.

Although it is not as simple as that because the application caches around the last 25 videos streamed meaning you won’t have to re-stream all of your videos meaning more bandwidth free for gaming!

To use it sounds like the developers have created a good balance between quality and size of their videos. And speaking of which, we look forward to seeing the first update of content before the week ends!

The team are also finishing a FAQ and will provide a link on their twitter account very soon so we look forward to that!