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VidZone – PS3 Attitude impressions

Submitted by on Monday, 15 June 200914 Comments

vidzone_2Vidzone is a welcome addition to the six countries that support it from the PAL territory and it offers console owners something never seen before – free, legal and easy access to high quality music videos.

When we first heard about the application coming to Europe last year, it sounded very impressive but as with many new concepts, nobody knew if it could live up to the high expectation behind it.

Sony have been very quiet about Vidzone. For six months or so after the announcement, we started to wonder if it was just too good to be true and would never see the light of day.

Vidzone is finally here and we have taken it for a spin. After the 23mb package finished downloading from the PlayStation store and was installed, Vidzone was ready for us under the Music icon on the XMB. It’s easily identifiable.

See that Vidzone icon? Click on it!

See that Vidzone icon? Click on it!

It takes around a minute to boot but we promise you it is worth the wait! From launch Vidzone delivers over 10,000 music videos as well as live gigs. The line up of artists isn’t complete but Sony promise to update the content weekly which is a sound for sore ears.

Nevertheless, any music lover should find plenty of music that they enjoy including tracks from the likes of Kings of Leon, Eminem, Lady GaGa, Oasis, Leona Lewis and Michael Jackson.

The interface is slick and goes nicely with the style we are used to seeing elsewhere for the PS3. It’s quite fast but not perfect as it is let down by the slow loading of the Home page and search results. Some people may find that navigation takes a bit of getting used to at first.

You can search by video, artist or genre

You can search by video, artist or genre

There are a few problems with music briefly freezing when using the menus but we’re not too worried as it should be easily rectified in a future patch.

The quality of the music videos is quite good but they do vary. If you choose to maximise the size of the video screen, you’ll find it doesn’t fill the whole of the screen but we don’t care too much as this helps to minimise how much bandwidth they take from our internet connections and the speed the videos load, which is almost instant.

Not quite full screen but the picture quality is very good.

Not quite full screen but the picture quality is very good.

But not only are there music videos from some of the biggest artists to step onto the world’s stage, Vidzone is packed with live performances. Additionally there is exclusive content such as a behind the scenes look at Kasabian’s new video “Where Did All The Love Go”.

For a launch Vidzone packs in a lot of goodness and it shows it’s potential as a vital part of what we like to call the ‘PlayStation Experience’, and ideal for parties with your mates. We really hope that the service expands beyond Europe and across the pond to American shores as it is a service that it would be a shame for other people to miss.

For now the team have only promised more countries within the PAL region to get their own hands on Vidzone over the coming months. If you live in one of the six countries that support it right now including the UK and Australia, what are you waiting for? Free music awaits you!