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Make the Visari Throne Room your Home in PlayStation Home

Submitted by on Monday, 8 June 20093 Comments

killzone_home_visariIt’s a while ago now when we first heard about Killzone 2 getting its own taste of PlayStation Home, but we have heard no details on what it is exactly until now.

Guerrilla Games have posted a post on the European PlayStation Blog to announce a Killzone 2 Visari Throne Room apartment is coming to Sony’s virtual universe.

In their own words, “it combines the majestic proportions of Helghast architecture with the regal aesthetic of the Autarch himself.”

Not only will there be the apartment, they are also releasing a set of Killzone inspired furniture to decorate your new home.

There is no price just yet and the release date is simply set for the second half of June, but we hope it’s not too pricey and worth while waiting for.

Will you Killzone 2 fans be tempted to return to PlayStation Home?

Will you Killzone 2 fans be tempted to return to PlayStation Home?

Hopefully this is just the first step in the Killzone 2 and Home integration, with the thought of game launching and a Killzone 2 public game space still on high hopes.