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What is Fireburst?

Submitted by on Wednesday, 10 June 20094 Comments

BlackFUEL, Pure, other four letter vehicular games that come to mind - the off-road racing arena is a burgeoning genre.

Now we get “Fireburst” (already showing innovation by shunning the mandatory four letter title rule), a new entry to the increasingly crowded high-octane driving field.

Developed by exDream in Hannover, Germany, the game promises a frenzied display of racing and driver-based conflict with the ability to ignite a rival’s car or even shroud your own in “protective flames”. No, we’re not sure about that one either.

Other than the obligatory range of eclectic vehicles on offer from buggies to monster trucks, players will also get to match drivers with vehicles to form the perfect marriage of man and machine. And if smack-talk is your thing, there will be 50 taunts on offer. Careful though, flipping off your AI components will cause them to turn aggressive and single you out for retribution.

Published by Black Inc., Fireburst will be their first PS3 title. Welcome to the family guys.