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Submitted by on Tuesday, 21 July 20093 Comments

Retro GradeIn case you were wondering, that spells “Retro/Grade Coming to PS3” in reverse. No we’re not crazy, but perhaps the people at 24 Carat Games are.

You see, they have devised a game that you play in reverse! The game stars fighter pilot Rick Rocket and he has just saved the universe. Only problem is, he reversed the flow of time from all of that destruction. Now, it’s your opportunity to fight through space and time…backwards of course.

Now, you can’t really tell by screenshots but everything is going in reverse; your ship, gunfire, everything. Because whatever happened, happened*, you must not break the time/space continuum and cause a paradox. This means lining up your ship with the shot it already fired and actually pressing fire when it returns to your ship. You also must avoid enemy fire as they return back to their ships. Confused yet? Hopefully this video will help out.

If that DualShock 3 just isn’t working for you then you’re in luck because Retro/Grade has been designed to be used with a guitar controller as well. The fret buttons moves Rick’s ship to the desired lane and the strum bar fires your weapon. This style of play will come more naturally to the rhythm based junkies out there.

To help you on your mission, Retro/Grade comes with a variety of powers, even one that reverses time makes time normal. With it, you can undo any mistakes you might have made before.

It’s great to see a game as unique as this come to the PSN. We can’t wait to try it out. The team is shooting for a release in 2010 although no date has been confirmed. If you can’t wait that long, there is a demo out on the PC that is of an older build of the game.

*bonus points if you get the reference