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After the Impact; Rage site opens

Submitted by on Tuesday, 14 July 20096 Comments

RageProving that when it comes to where (or more accurately when) to set your game there’s nothing quite like blasted buildings and destroyed cities, id Software will keep the post-apocalyptic torch burning with upcoming big hitter Rage.

Revealing a new website today, we get a fresh glimpse at what the enigmatic studio famous for such FPSs as Doom and Quake have planned with their new property.

The last time Rage was in the news it was due to the studio’s comments regarding certain limitations of the 360’s disc format of choice – DVD9 – and how the PS3 Blu-ray version of the game would contain higher textures and, potentially, look better.

No such luck this time as new site AfterTheImpact shows little more than some concept art and a strange female radio voice. If you’re wondering about what this “impact” refers to, the game takes place on Earth shortly after a devastating comet collision sometime around 2099.

Obviously Bruce Willis was busy shaving his head or counting his money at the time.