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Alpha Protocol; Safehouses, customisation, and sex scenes

Submitted by on Friday, 24 July 2009One Comment

Alpha ProtocolSit back and enjoy some new footage of Obsidian Entertainment’s spy RPG Alpha Protocol.

Brimming with new information, we get to check in with super-spy Michael Thorton while dreaming up what kind of thrilling international incidents we’d love to get into.

This latest clip focuses on the game’s concept of safehouses. Acting as rest havens and data hubs for protagonist Michael Thornton, these spy sanctuaries are where you’ll get to fully customise weapons, armour and even Michael’s appearance. We particularly like the lumberjack beard, though we’re not sure how much of a hit it would be with covert femme fatales of the undercover world.

Safehouses also allow you to check email, interact with handlers and even reminisce over past encounters through the use of keepsakes scattered around your lush cosmopolitan pads. Check out the video below for more details.

In other Alpha Protocol news, Obsidian have intimated to that the sex scenes in the RPG will not be of the gratuitous variety. Nathan Davis, producer of the game, assures however that they will at least be “satisfying”.

“[…] it’s tasteful. We do some things with our cinematics, too. It isn’t just like a hand up on a thing! We cut around it a little bit. It’s an American game! What can I say? There are limits to what we can do there. I’ve seen a few of the cinematics for those and it ends up being satisfying without being… you know… over… you know?”

Which equates to no full frontals, though the post-coitus cigarette and “side boob view” will likely feature.